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Dear Listener,

These songs were composed with great reverence for these ten remarkable and courageous women. They fought for their passion, their voice, and most of all, for their vision to improve the world.
I came to this project a blank slate. I didn’t know a single woman in a STEM field. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. I avoided all of these subjects in school. However, women in STEM is a hot topic these days and I had been reading about some amazing advances made by women in these fields. I was not only impressed by how anyone could understand the complicated subjects involved in science and technology, but to also accomplish so much in a male-dominated profession. So, I started reading.
Every person has a story. I found hundreds of stories of women in science going as far back as ancient times. It then dawned on me that I could tell these stories through music. I could create “musical portraits,” if you will, about a handful of diverse women from different backgrounds and periods of history.

And so, it began. A two-year journey of scaling down my list to ten fascinating lives, some living and some long gone. No doubt you’ve heard of a few of them, but mostly you’d never know about the others. Heroes working behind the scenes. As women, they have struggled to achieve despite their cultures, their male peers, and their own families. Their stories are certainly unique.
One common thread I found between myself and all of these women is a passion for what we do. In some ways, they are like musicians. Always in the moment and never giving up on what they want to achieve. Female musicians have had to overcome some of the same obstacles as women of STEM.
I honor these women and have a deep respect for who they are and what they have done. I encourage you to read further, beyond the descriptions here, about these beautiful minds, who they are, where they came from, and how we benefit every day from their achievements. The songs and introductions are just a starting point. Thanks for listening!

All the Best,


"Sky Sweeper" for Maria Mitchell

When astronomy was considered a “feminine” hobby, Mitchell became an astronomer, as well as an advocate for women’s rights. She describes the bliss she felt “sweeping the sky” – star gazing. In 1847, Mitchell discovered a comet that was later named after her.    
Music/Arrangement: Ben Williams. Lyrics: Sarah Partridge

"Blues in Maryam's Truth" for Maryam Mirzakhani

A Muslim Iranian mathematician, Mirzakhani was honored with the Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics. She is both the first, and to date, only woman—and the first Iranian—to be honored with this award.
Music/Arrangement: Tim Horner.  Lyrics: Sarah Partridge

"A Double Life" for Hedy Lamarr

An immensely popular movie star known for her beauty, Lamarr co-invented a secret communications system that became the technical backbone of wireless operations. In one lifetime she lived two disparate lives.
Music and Lyrics: Sarah Partridge. Arrangement: Allen Farnham

"Stella Splendida (Bright Star)" for Chaiki Mukai

A Japanese cardiovascular surgeon and JAXA astronaut, Mukai was the first Japanese woman in space and the first Japanese citizen to complete two spaceflights.
Music/Arrangement: Tomoko Ohno. Lyrics: Sarah Partridge

"Against the Current" for Susan La Flesche Picotte

The first Native American woman to earn a medical degree, Picotte was driven to do so by witnessing a young Native American perish after being denied treatment. She later opened a hospital in the reservation of Walthill, Nebraska, that served over 1,300 community members.
Music/Arrangement: Allen Farnham. Lyrics: Sarah Partridge

"She Who Stayed to Prove the Day" for Mary Jackson

A mathematician, Jackson began her career as a “human computer” in the segregated “West Area” of Langley Research Center. She went on to become NASA’s first black female aeronautics engineer.
Music/Arrangement: Tim Horner. Lyrics: Sarah Partridge

"Courage Is a Woman" for Esther Pohl Lovejoy

The first female physician in the state of Oregon, Lovejoy was also an influential suffragette, social justice pioneer, and global humanitarian. She founded the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) and served as its first president.
Music and Lyrics: Sarah Partridge. Arrangement: Allen Farnham

"Rise Up!" for Nicole Hernandez Hammer

A Guatemalan/Cuban/American climate scientist, Hernandez Hammer studies the effects of climate change in different environments, particularly among Hispanic populations which reside near the coastal shorelines and are, therefore, vulnerable to flooding because of rising sea levels.
Music and Lyrics: Sarah Partridge. Arrangement: Allen Farnham

"Queen of Disguise" for Sunetra Gupta

A professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at Oxford University, Gupta is also a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. “Literature and science stem from the burning desire to understand,” she writes. “I devoured books on classical physics with the same emotional energy I consumed poetry and fiction.” She is working on a universal vaccine for the flu.
Music: Andrew Shantz. Lyrics: Sarah Partridge

"Adorn the World" for Jasmine Sadler

Known as the “dancing rocket scientist,” Sadler ultimately chose engineering over ballet in college. After working as an engineer, she created the STEAM Collaborative which educates individuals about STEM from an artistic perspective. Dance remains central to Sadler’s life. 
Music: Craig Snider and Sarah Partridge. Lyrics: Sarah Partridge